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Our Solutions

ShoreTel Connect ONSITE


Communication within a company and with customers is at the heart of most businesses. The best phone systems are the ones that elevate your business instead of hindering it.

ShoreTel Connect ONSITE is a unified communications solution that offers reliable technology, flexible setup, and an intuitive interface, allowing your team to communicate and collaborate effectively at every point of the day.

By choosing an onsite solution, you will have full control of the system’s administration and security. But ShoreTel Connect makes it easy.

Choosing ShoreTel Connect ONSITE gives your system administrators full control of your UC system. For companies that have the IT resources to dedicate to security, upkeep, and administration of your entire UC platform.

If your IT team is stretched thin, ShoreTel has made Connect ONSITE easy to maintain, even for non-technical employees. ShoreTel Connect ONSITE offers simplified system administration including a cross-browser compatible administrative application that gives a clear, easy-to-understand picture of your entire network for quick assessment and management.


By integrating your communication solutions, including voice, instant messaging, video conferencing and more, throughout your organization, you can greatly improve productivity and make your operations more efficient.

In addition to the immediate business benefits, an investment in ShoreTel Connect ONSITE can pay off down the line as well. A CapEx investment in ShoreTel Connect ONSITE creates future benefits by increasing the book value of your company and reducing long-term costs through amortization and depreciation.


Optimum Call Quality & Reliability

ShoreTel Connect ONSITE is designed with the user in mind and it should be the right solution for you.