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You’re selecting a voice manufacturer. Where should you start?  Here's a checklist of questions you should ask your manufacturer.

First, carefully consider what is driving your decision:

  • Does your old system need to be upgraded?  Many systems out there are so old the manufacturer no longer supports them.
  • Are you moving to a new location or expanding to multiple locations?
  • Do you need a system that will make your business processes more efficient?
  • Do you need to move to an integrated voice and data solution?  Make a list of the benefits you need to get from your voice system and share it with your manufacturer.

Next, consider the manufacturer's capabilities:

  • Can your manufacturer provide references of customers that are a similar size and in the same industry as yours?
  • How frequently does your manufacturer update its systems?
  • What are the capabilities of the most current version - does it suit your business needs?
  • Ask about networking features as well as handset capabilities.  Does the manufacturer offer the right features for your most advanced power users?

If it’s about unifying your voice and data communications, consider choosing a solution, not a manufacturer.  You may find that the technology capabilities of the manufacturer may be further down your list.

  • How will your solution make your business more efficient?
  • Will your solution be easy for your employees to learn or for you IT staff to support?
  • What obstacles will there be to upgrading your system?
  • Is your manufacturer able to accommodate your transition?  Make sure they show you a plan for making the move.

Once the unified communications solution is installed, then what?

  • Does your manufacturer provide ongoing services and support?
  • If not, can they recommend a local partner that will?
  • How do you know if the partner can be trusted - do they have references?
  • Can the partner become your trusted advisor?
  • Can your manufacturer and partner make a strong case for why their solution is the best for your business?

Download our eBook "5 Signs Your Need to Upgrade Your Phone System."

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