One Data Security Risk You’re Probably Overlooking

Just because you spent an inordinate amount of money on the most comprehensive security for your business does not make you immune from data security loss. Some think that the IT Cloud is this impenetrable force and that no one is going to pick out your small to medium sized business for an attack. The facts though paint a different picture. Small to medium sized businesses are getting hit harder and with more regularity than most professionals would imagine. The reason being is simple; data security is really only as good as it's weakest link. Too often in the IT Cloud business the biggest security risk for your data is the one you treat most gingerly: human error. The following is a brief outline of the why and how of data loss and what you and your business can do to strengthen your place in the dangerous world.

Why: The short answer as to why your business' data is put at risk most presently by humans is simple; we're an imperfect species. There are others out there who want what you have; they are actively looking to take what's not theirs. Couple those facts with one more stark reality that even the smartest and sharpest in the security field can fall to hackers and malware and phishing and you should begin to understand why your business is never safe.

How: "So," you ask, "how do these scammers fool my crack-pot team?" Many of the tactics are ones the employees may actually initiate themselves. Inadvertently transmitting sensitive information to the wrong parties is a classic reason. Perhaps your employees have used a password that's the same as the default setting. Maybe they have lost a company smartphone, misplaced a notebook, or done something else they wish they could take back. There are even a few who may seem "honest" but whose motives belie a more sinister intent. People are always making so many of the same IT Cloud mistakes. The world in the IT Cloud business is always changing too; so with fresh faces come a lot of the classic mistakes.

What: So you may wonder how can you make your online business a safe one to do business with? Even as a small business you need to have your own interests in mind.

  • Controls: What are your fail safes for transmitting sensitive data? Who has the final say for what goes out and what doesn't? What is the procedure for getting this information out in as safe a manner as possible? If you can't answer these questions you should be able to.
  • Training: People need to know that the information they have is sensitive and they need to be reminded of it. Ongoing training; especially in the face of recent breach events; should remind your team which team they are on.
  • Accountability: Finally your team needs to suffer consequences. This isn't just their friends notebook they're holding onto; this is peoples lives. Your team should know that their actions have consequences.

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