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January 13, 2016

HN Blog:  Why Harbor Networks?

When we’re out on the road talking with customers and prospects, we get a lot of feedback on the challenges they face with respect to maintaining a competitive position.  Their phone system is ...
November 18, 2015

HN Blog: Consider a Phone Strategy for 2016

  As you begin to work on your business plan for the New Year, you may want to consider the role your phone system could play in your overall business strategy.
November 10, 2015

HN Blog: Say “Goodbye” to phone system frustration, and “Hello” to ShoreTel Connect!

With all the technology advantages we have today, there’s no reason why we should be accepting of a phone system that fails on a regular basis.  Soaking up valuable IT resource and disrupting ...
October 20, 2015

HN Blog: The grass IS greener on the other side

Think your phone system suits your organization just fine?  Not sure if your employees would agree with you?  Then take this simple quiz to find out if you’re working harder than your phone system …