5 Ways UC Supports Remote Work

As companies seek alternatives to business travel, one thing stands true – the business environment waits for no-one. If anything, it’s accelerating. But business leaders don’t have to choose between operating a distributed organization and compromising success. The workplace has evolved significantly in the last decade and employees
no longer have to be tethered to their office desks in order to be productive. The workplace ecosystem now includes millions of remote workers as well as employees that are always on the go. This change means that employee tools must support the new workforce – tools like Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). UCaaS can improve productivity in the workplace, empowering employees to communicate on their terms, and get more done.

One huge benefit of UCaaS is that it provides a single platform for communication. Your team may currently be
managing multiple apps, which certainly doesn’t contribute to productivity. With one central hub, communication
can be streamlined and simplified. UCaaS lives in the cloud, so as long as you have an internet connection,
then you have the same call quality and features as you would if you were sitting in the office.
UCaaS allows for chat, video conferencing, screen sharing, and file sharing. With a fully integrated suite
of communication solutions, higher productivity is easily within reach.

Nurturing a more productive workplace requires a company culture that supports it along with the right tools.

Here are 5 ways UCaaS improves productivity in the workplace:

Greater Mobility Equals Greater Productivity
UCaaS facilitates access even away from the office. In a world that’s shifting towards
telecommuting – which by the way, can equate to more productive workers as well – to remain
competitive in your industry, and to attract and retain talent, you must offer mobility.
Workers can communicate and collaborate with others with ease with UCaaS. They can also
respond to and connect with customers quickly and without limitations from their home office.

Real-Time Responses
Legacy phone systems have multiple features that were designed to help users save time and
effort, like call forwarding. However, those aren’t portable. UCaaS takes those features and
improves them – by supporting automation of voicemails to email, for example. Should you
miss an important call, you don’t have to bother with the voicemail as the message is already in your inbox and can be forwarded to another party if needed. Responding immediately to urgent matters helps you better support customers and resolve issues in real-time.

Enhanced Collaboration
Your company thrives when employees collaborate to solve challenges and develop new ideas. However, collaboration doesn’t mean all parties have to be in the same room. Your team may be spread all over the world, and that’s okay because UCaaS allows you to collaborate without restraints.
Your team is connected on one network and can work together in a number of ways through
virtual meetings and instant messaging. Beyond just being able to communicate easily, which
enhances collaboration, you can also expand on features that enable better teamwork,
such as the ability to share and work on documents simultaneously.

Easy Integrations
Technology powers your workforce. Across your organization, you may employ many
different technology platforms that your team needs to do their job every day. With UCaaS,
you can integrate many of those. It works seamlessly with other cloud-based applications,
allowing you to manage multiple functions via one system.
For example, you can integrate with your customer relationship management (CRM) software
to better track customer behaviors and interactions. Plus, your customer-facing employees
will have information about that client at their fingertips, improving the customer experience.
These employees will greatly appreciate not having to switch back and forth between programs, making them much more efficient.

Consistent Reliability
If your organization is using analog phones, what will you do should service go down?
What’s your backup? What’s your business continuity plan? It’s hard to answer these questions
when you must depend on antiquated systems. UCaaS has greater reliability than legacy phone systems. You can’t be productive when your system is down, and that’s why so many businesses depend on UCaaS for communications.