Identifying Collaboration Challenges

Which collaboration challenges do your employees face?

Consider that in today’s connected world work is a continuously changing and evolving process that requires employees to collaborate to support a customer, solve a problem, measure results or improve output.

Communication between employees usually takes place with a variety of applications, including emails, chats, texts, phone calls, voicemails, conference calls, video streaming and document sharing. Typically, employees have to manage each application individually to stay connected with colleagues and keep projects moving. The number of individual tools that have to be managed and the volume of messages that have to be addressed complicates the communications process, slows down collaboration, hampers decision making and reduces productivity.

For that reason, many organizations are seriously considering adopting modern collaboration solutions. But before making such an important decision, these organizations should be sure to identify which collaboration challenges they are trying to resolve, to ensure they invest in a solution that fits their needs. You can start the discovery process by asking a few key questions about how existing communications tools are affecting employee efficiency and productivity:

  • What are the major frustrations with existing communications tools?
  • Are complaints focused around missed calls, lost connections, ease of use or a lack of integration?
  • Are employees in your main office able to collaborate efficiently?

At the same time, project teams are no longer comprised of people working in the same location. Some employees may work primarily from their desks in a traditional office setting. Some may be scattered across different offices in different countries and time zones. And others may be constantly on the move visiting customers. This makes it harder for teams to stay connected, especially if employees have to manage multiple applications to maintain workflows. So, take a close look at the collaboration options your employees have and why it may not be meeting requirements:

  • How old is the platform?
  • Has it reached end of life? 
  • Is the platform digital or IP based? 
  • Is the vendor still able to provide service?
  • Can the platform support the way your employees want to work in the future?

Looking for answers to these questions? Interested in exploring modern collaboration solutions? Feel free to reach out!

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