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Customer Case Study

Lyon-Waugh Auto Group

Automotive ShoreTel Unified Communications helped Lyon-Waugh Auto Group save money and simplify management, while fostering their customer-first attitude

Business Size: 400+; 6 locations
Industry: Automotive
Products: ShoreTel
Customer Since: 1996



Key Challenges:

  • Replace existing Nortel TDM infrastructure
  • Cut costs on inter-dealership phone calls
  • Connect five dealerships seamlessly leveraging newest technologies including VoIP
  • Ease administration, allowing small IT staff to take care of all voice changes
  • Keep it easy for the employees.


  • High dollar savings for moves, adds, changes, and calling between sites
  • Redundancy within the voice network
  • Single unified platform for all employees to transfer and make calls
  • Leverage existing WAN network to use for voice traffic between all sites
  • Leverage existing PRI T1s while implementing newer VoIP carrier service to substantially reduce recurring expenses.

Lyon-Waugh Auto Group consists of six distinct locations spanning Peabody, Mass. to Nashua, N.H.  These include:

  • LandRover of Peabody
  • BMW of Peabody
  • MINI of Peabody
  • Porsche of Nashua
  • Acura of Peabody
  • Audi of Nashua

BMW. which was the flagship dealership and the original of the group, opened in 1994. It became the most exclusive dealership in North America.

After more than 10 years of having the dealerships function independently from a voice perspective using Nortel platforms supported by Harbor Networks, Harbor was brought back to the table to discuss the viability and benefits of linking all the dealerships using newer technology.  ShoreTel was presented as the best-in-class solution for this upgrade to a VoIP platform.

The potential benefits were numerous.  It had the potential to simplify management, allowing the IT staff to add users, mailboxes, change greetings, and move people between dealerships, on their own – presenting a significant cost savings over time.  It also presented multiple options for fail-overs in all types of scenarios, guaranteeing they would not miss customer calls or have to deal with significant downtime in case of an outage at a single site.  The ShoreTel platform also allowed them to use the key features they enjoyed with Nortel, while leveraging newer functions such as Person Call Manager, for those employees that would benefit.

Harbor Networks was able to leverage its intimate knowledge of the Nortel infrastructure to customize training and programming, making the conversions to the ShoreTel System seamless to the users.  Prior to the conversion, dedicated Project Management worked diligently with the IT Staff to develop rollout plans, pre-test equipment, and deploy training.