HN Blog: Unified Communications is one of the top communication trends in 2015

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Unified communications continues to grow and become a key strategic tool for business, which is why is was recently named one of the top business communication trends of 2015. The following are some of the key competitive advantages of a unified communications solution for businesses.

1) Cost Effective

Businesses are always looking for ways to save money, and utilizing unified communications is a great way to do that. Unified communications was once only cost effective for larger companies, but its transition to the cloud has made it affordable for smaller businesses. This technology is especially cost effective for companies that do business with international clients. Since UC systems are Internet-based, international calls will not cost a fortune. All a business needs is robust IP connectivity -- something every company has anyway -- to communicate now.

2) Increased Productivity

The ability to use one interface for all communication and collaboration needs can increase productivity in the workplace. Instead of having to use several different systems to make phone calls, check emails and send instant messages, employees can access these communications tools in one central, easy-to-use interface.

3) Accelerated Decision Making

Since unified communications allows employees to receive calls and send messages from any location, decisions can be made much quicker than ever before. Staff members will not have to worry about playing phone tag with their co-workers all day.

4) Environmental Benefits

Unified communications is good for the environment in several ways. For one, it greatly reduces the number of communication devices a business must support, which means less plastic in the workplace. Also, since unified communications allows employees to work from home, they will not have to use their car as much to drive to work or to travel to meetings, reducing pollution.

5) Flexibility

With unified communications, many employees can work from a home or another remote office location and easily communicate and complete work. Businesses that utilize unified communications can save money and make communication much simpler for employees. However, employers should take the time to properly train their workers on how to use the technology correctly. If staff members do not know how to accurately utilize unified communications, it will not work as efficiently as it should.

Download our ebook "5 Steps to a Successful Switch to VoIP"