HN Blog: Virtualize your telephony environment

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by Jeremy Vignaux, VP Technology

Most businesses including small, medium and enterprises have either already implemented or have been thinking about virtualizing their computer server environment. Products from VMware and Microsoft (Hyper-V) are the two current leaders in this space. Businesses have virtualized everything including file servers, mail servers, database servers and have not looked back.

The last to the party are the servers involved in real-time communications - phone systems and their associated services like voicemail and contact center, video conferencing servers and even fax servers. Real-time communications means now - no hourglass, spinning circle, or dancing paperclip. These applications and services require a different class of performance than your email or file server.

It is for this reason that special attention must be paid to the requirements. These include:

  • Confirming that the manufacturer has tested (and ideally certified) their applications to run on the desired virtual environment.
  • Potentially providing dedicated network interfaces for virtual machines involved in voice traffic.
  • Modifying your backup or snapshot procedures so that you don't cause audible hiccups during business hours.
  • Understanding QoS programming in a virtual network environment.

Migrating some parts or all of your phone system requires some planning and expertise that isn't always in the toolbox of a traditional IT staff or consultant. Make sure you consult someone who fully understands the unique requirements.

Download our eBook: "5 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Phone System"