HN Blog: What is ShoreTel Connect?

This past August, ShoreTel unveiled a unique, new, single platform, user interface that combines business communications from the cloud, onsite, or a hybrid of both. This new service is called ShoreTel Connect™. The goal of ShoreTel Connect™ is to change how companies communicate with a new collaborative experience that unites groups and that can adapt to individual preferences.

One of the benefits of ShoreTel Connect™ is the ability to communicate with employees inside as well as partners and customers outside the company while gaining a new sense of flexibility and lowering the overall cost of IT operations.

The new capabilities of ShoreTel Connect™ include.

  • Personalized call handling and call routing for both office and mobile devices
  • Advanced collaboration tools including instant messaging, audio and web conferencing, point-to-point video and desktop sharing
  • Seamless feature integration and collaboration apps for smartphone, tablet, and wearable devices
  • Richly featured integrations with CRM systems including Salesforce®, Zendesk®, Microsoft Dynamics® CRM,™ and NetSuite®.
  • Many specialized apps like voicemail to text, emergency notification, integrated call recording, and enhanced paging.

Don Joos, president and CEO at ShoreTel when talking about ShoreTel Connect™, "Whether you prefer to subscribe to a managed cloud service, invest in an onsite system, or deploy a combination of the two, there is a single UC solution that delivers the same user experience and outstanding capabilities to the entire team. ShoreTel Connect™ removes complexity and frees up resources, allowing customers to focus on their core business and not on the technology."

With a single platform, ShoreTel Connect™ is set apart from other communication vendors that operate solely in the cloud or onsite that rely heavily on the company to deploy and integrate their platform. The user interface simplifies the way IT is deployed, managed, scaled, and how it secures phone systems. The single platform model allows companies to configure ShoreTel Connect™ for the cloud, onsite, or a hybrid of both to best fit their needs, growth, or business model. ShoreTel understands that as a company grows and changes, so does their needs of communication; ShoreTel Connect™ can grow and adapt with them.