HN Blog:  Keep Your Employees Engaged, Wherever They Are.

Ipad Mobility Landscape

It has only been recent that mobile technology is being delivered that allows many, if not all, communication functions to work together on one platform.  As the traditional workplace continues to evolve to a point where many are working in a remote environment, and on most any device, the need for personal UC (unified communications) grows stronger.

Communications platforms must evolve into truly unified, personal solutions to meet the needs of the changing mobile workplace. The benefits of such a UC system to the worker are many, including:

Simplified collaboration:  The time and money involved in gathering mobile workers into one location is not worth the effort.  Today’s mobile worker needs to be able to communicate and collaborate with colleagues and customers from most anywhere, at any time and often at a moment’s notice.  A communication system requiring multiple systems often results in poor quality, lack of certain features or functionality, and ultimately a sub-par experience for the user(s).

Faster time to information: With an integrated, personal UC system, all of a worker’s contacts, data, applications and other information are in a single location. This creates improved process efficiency and increased productivity for the worker.  The ability to manage and share data in a simplified fashion creates a collaborative environment and satisfactory user experience.

Greater utilization of collaboration tools: If tools are user-friendly and intuitive for workers, they are more likely to use them more.  Frequent use builds confidence – empowering the user to create a collaborative environment which benefits not only work teams, but individuals as well.  Desktop sharing, video, chat and conferencing allow employees to communicate spontaneously and effectively. Relationships and work quality improve when teams can focus easily, no matter the distance.

With the right guidance from an expert solution provider, you can have access to the tools that best suit your work preferences – allowing your workforce to fully engage with others both internal and external to the organization.  Engaged employees are happier, more productive and experience a feeling of accomplishment.  An attractive proposition in today’s world.

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