Harbor Networks Boston VoIP and IP Telephony -- Reviewing the Differences

Harbor Networks is a leading provider of VoIP and IP Telephony technology in Boston. One aspect of our services that separates us from the competition is our ability to provide and service the most advanced IP Telephony services and technologies available that will upgrade your entire Private Branch Exchange (PBX) basis for your business phone system, instead of the most basic PBX-based VoIP services that you would receive from other providers. While implementing a standard PBX-based VoIP system for your business is a good first step in terms of saving on telecommunications costs, embracing the full potential of IP telephony has the potential to be a significant efficiency upgrade and cost-saving opportunity for your business. The bottom line is that if you choose Harbor Networks to be the provider for your VoIP or IP Telephony services, your business will save on telecommunication costs by upgrading your calls from analog to digital, allowing you to share the costs of digital communications between your phone system and regular bandwidth, as well as eliminating the need for your PBX switches entirely, with the end result of reducing server load and avoiding any potential downtime caused by switch failures.

So what exactly is the difference between the basic VoIP systems available at Harbor Networks and other providers, compared to the more advanced IP Telephony services that Harbor Networks provides? Well, if you choose to pursue the full potential of IP Telephony, you will completely eliminate the need for your current exiting PBXs, key systems and handsets. The IP part of the equation is no longer just the delivery system from point A to point B in your telecommunications network, but instead all your communications become fully digitized from the moment you dial from the handset on your desk. Your PBXs are replaced with flexible softswitches that are essentially servers that handle all your call routing, reporting, and management functionality. This can lead to significant infrastructure cost reduction -- gone are the huge racks of multiple shelves of servers and switches required for your old business phone system, replaced by compact specialized chips that can accomplish the same tasks, which is like the difference between using a grandfather clock and a smartphone to tell the time, with similar functionality upgrade advantages.

Harbor Networks provides a flexible variety of options for implementing your business phone solution to meet your needs -- whether you would prefer a cloud-based configuration or to keep your infrastructure onsite. Contact Harbor Networks to see the advantages we can offer your business today.