How VoIP Can Transform Your Boston Business

One of the great things about working at Harbor Networks is seeing the way that our VoIP business phone system upgrades can transform growing businesses. While some of our most immediately impactful VoIP upgrades happen for businesses that already have a high volume of calls, like, for example, the Boston Red Sox, we also have performed upgrades, maintenance and support for many local Boston businesses, and we have the opportunity to see first hand the monthly cost savings and convenient features that help put these businesses in a position to succeed as they continue to grow and receive a higher and higher volume of calls. If you are interested in looking for ways your business can save money and prepare for growth, here are some reasons you should be interested in upgrading your business phone system to VoIP:

The Cost Savings of a VoIP Business Phone System

The immense cost savings of a VoIP business phone system is the easiest way to justify upgrading to VoIP compared to a traditional phone system. Even with some landline companies offering promises of cheaper and cheaper plans, data-based VoIP are simply orders of magnitude more cost efficient and simply cannot be matched by traditional phone service providers. VoIP avoids all the network maintenance fees and the costs required to connect calls in a traditional phone system, and your business collects all the benefits from these cost savings.


The Convenience Provided By A VoIP Business Phone System

By integrating data and voice into one system, VoIP systems are by nature easier to use with more integrated features than traditional phone systems. Your employees will be able to have access to more call-related information directly in their in-office computer applications, and you create the flexibility for better integration for internal systems, especially if you have offices in multiple locations.


Additional Features With VoIP Business Phone Systems

The features that traditional telephony providers may offer as extras or at higher rates or charges all come standard at no additional cost when your infrastructure is upgraded to VoIP. Things like conference calling, caller ID and call transfers, as well as digital voicemail with the ability to access voicemail remotely, through email, web portals, or other means of data storage will be possible with the upgrade to a VoIP business phone system.


Quality and Reliability Offered By VoIP Business Phone Systems

When VoIP technology was first released, there were issues with performance with intermittent failures due to the lack of infrastructure and bandwidth in place to handle the additional data over the internet. However, with modern advances in internet speeds and bandwidth capabilities, any quality or reliability issues are far in the past, and in fact Harbor Networks prides itself on providing higher reliability and audio quality than those provided by traditional phone systems.


To learn more about Harbor Networks VoIP services, click here. We strongly recommend that business owners looking for a way to save on costs for their growing business to look into Harbor Networks as a VoIP provider, whether to upgrade from traditional phone service or to maintain and support your existing VoIP infrastructure, contact us at Harbor Networks – we serve businesses of all sizes in the Greater Boston Area and many other locations throughout New England.