How to Compare IT Services

How much technology does your business use? Do you rely on your company computers, phones, networks, and servers for day-to-day operations? How frustrating would it be if one of your devices stopped working? Most businesses today need the technology they use to function reliably in order to keep the lights on, but in-house IT comes with its own challenges, and may not be the most cost-effective choice for many companies. Managed IT services offer an alternative to hiring your own personnel while keeping up with your tech support needs - but how do you know which service works best for you?


For companies with in-house IT specialists, tech support is just down the hall. A managed IT service may not be quite as available, but should be just as convenient. Look for a service with plenty of support options, such as constant network monitoring, online and phone consulting, and easy appointment booking. Compare locally, researching all available Boston IT services, as some technology issues are best solved on-site. In addition, consider how many IT specialists the service employs. With enough trained and skilled employees, a managed IT service could actually be more reliable than an in-house specialist, since there is no need to worry about technology issues that happen during sick days or vacations.


If you’re searching for an IT service for your business that relies on phone systems, one that specializes in server installation and maintenance is probably not going to be the best choice. Choosing a specialized IT service that works primarily with the technology that is most used by your company means that you are getting knowledgeable, experienced technicians that are on the same page as you. Catch-all services, such as online tech support, may work well enough for businesses that use technology sparingly, but the value of a specialized service is that they know the technology and its potential issues front to back. Make sure your managed IT service knows your industry, but is also willing to learn about your business, specifically. A service that is invested in your business’s success is one that you can trust with your tech.


Of course, cost is an important consideration when comparing IT services. If you allocate too little money, you could run into frustrating situations in which you have to spend more funds on incidents of technology failure, or rebuilding after a cyber-security breach. If you spend too much, you could end up with a money sink by purchasing additional services that your company doesn’t need. Your managed IT service should work with you to determine exactly what your business requires - and what it doesn’t. If a service provider is trying to nickel and dime you with add-on support, it’s likely they don’t have your business’s best interests in mind. At the same time, don’t always look for the budget option. Tech issues are unpredictable, and when technology is integral to your business operations, downtime can be a serious money drain as well.


The benefits of hiring a managed IT service for your company are undeniable: with knowledge, expertise, and convenience, you don’t have to worry about dedicating manpower to technology issues. If you choose the right service for your business, you can rely on your technology to help you achieve greater efficiency, rather than being a drain on company resources.

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