Do You Need an IT Cloud Computing Strategy?

One of the big questions in the IT world today is "Do you need a cloud computing strategy?"

The short answer to this is Yes!

Some in the world of IT seem to believe that the cloud exists and that's all that they need to know. However, those in the know began exploiting cloud services and setting up IT cloud infrastructure long ago.

If you're in the former category, following are are four reasons why implementation of your cloud strategy needs to be done now.

Speed: In business and in life, time is money. The more time you spend making your business run, the faster your customers will run away to a speedier competitor. When you have a dedicated cloud infrastructure in place your business is going to "move" faster. Whether that's your app, your website, or your dedicated customer phone system, speed matters and the cloud can keep your business operating at peak speeds.

Costs: Just because you have decided to take to the cloud, that isn't enough. You need to operate your cloud applications as efficiently as possible. So if you don't have an IT cloud computing strategy you are basically going to be taking shots in the dark; seeing what works discarding what doesn't. While that may work for abstract artists, business doesn't have such luxuries. Your IT cloud plan needs to be optimized, tight, and ready to roll out on day one to keep costs down. 

Migration: As more businesses begin to see the benefits that cloud computing offers, investments in cloud technology will accelerate across the board. In fact, cloud spending is set to outpace any other type of IT spending through 2020. So while a herd strategy may stand in opposition to your ethos, an analogy might be horses to water. You can drink with everyone else or you can stand alone and hope for rain.

Demand: Just like the business migration patterns need to be observed, so too must businesses accommodate their customers demands. What would Sony or Warner Music be if they held firm to cassette tapes as the only way to hear music? Those of us old enough all had a Sony walkman; today we all have iPods, smart phones, and other modes of hearing the same music: better, faster, cheaper, cleaner. So if an IT cloud strategy can deliver your content to your customers better, why wouldn't you want to do that? Private cloud services are even taking hold. If your business can deliver the best of the best to the right customer, the sky is the limit.

IT cloud services are going to continue to be in demand as they get better and more personalized. For all these reasons if you doesn't have a dedicated cloud strategy you are doing your business and customers a disservice.

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