SBC vs. Firewall

When you're looking deeper into your business IT solutions you may begin to wonder about your own network's security. It's nice in the planning stages of your business to sit pie-eyed thinking nothing bad can ever happen to you, but that's not the case. As soon as your company is up and operational you need to implement security protocols. When you are handling customer information like names, addresses, credit card or bank numbers, you need to be extraordinarily careful.

So what are the types of business IT solutions you can use for network protection? The two which spring to mind are standard firewall technology and SBC's or "Session Border Control." Here's a quick overview of the distinctions.


Much like the name implies, a firewall is a simple, typically static architecture which lets certain things in and keeps others out. In the early days of the Internet there were very few protections -- spammers and hackers could easily swipe any data sent and shared online. Frewalls were erected to offer some basic security to burgeoning networks and thwart those who were trying to lay siege. However, those looking to do harm or take data were eventually able to find their way around most firewall setups. Hackers changed their tactics from blatantly battering down the front door to the more sneaky roundabout methods.


Your computer networks are divided into seven layers. The OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) separates these seven layers without you really even knowing it. Firewalls tend to work up to layers 3 and 4 of this 7 layer masterpiece. SBC's on the other hand work all the way up to level 7. Seventh level attacks could come in the form of audio or video files which may even appear to be fine from the outset but which have some malicious underpinning. SBC's actually work like AI as they have some level of cogent awareness. SBC's can look at files, pinpoint anomalies, and flag them before they can do any damage.


 It may seem that SBC's are really all that you need to keep your network secure, right? Well, not exactly. Just like the most intellectually intelligent human beings may not have social cognizance, SBC's may be made too well to stop the most base attacks. So a high quality SBC is essential for thwarting all the high level attacks which could be coming your way but you also need a hearty firewall so that your network isn't thwarted through the front door!

Business IT solutions are always changing. It's important that you have the very best in firewall and SBC technology at your disposal so that your business and your customers vital information remains under wraps. It makes so much sense for your business if you tend to these finer details before rather than after a security breach has taken place.