Tips For Driving Cloud Adoption

The cloud offers robust business value for organizations that migrate successfully. Still, no matter how good a cloud solution your organization implements, you can only begin to truly reap the benefits and ROI when your employees are able to utilize the technology. For that reason, perhaps the most critical metric for any cloud rollout is adoption.

With that in mind, here are a few key tips and techniques that can help drive user uptake.

1. Take Advantage of Your Cloud Ambassadors

In any rollout of new technology, you will have some users in your organization that will naturally take to the solution. In many cases, these users are willing evangelists for the technology, and you should take full advantage of that willingness.

In the same way that word-of-mouth referrals can help you bring in new business, internal ambassadors are a powerful tool for helping all of your employees understand the value of your new technology. So, tap into your early adopters as rollout ambassadors. Be clear on what you need them to do, give them tools to promote the new solution and emphasize the valuable role they play.

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2. Use Different Tactics for Different Roles and Generations

Organizations are made up of employees of all different ages, skill sets and roles. With multiple generations in the workplace and a growing number of remote workers, no training solution will fit everyone. As a result, it is important not to use a one-size-fits-all method for training. 

So, when you design your training program, be sure to include a mix of training methods such as online learning, group workshops and webinars. It may even make sense to engage some employees to get input on your training program before launching it across the organization. 


3. Focus on Communication

One of the most common missteps in a cloud rollout is lack of communication with employees. Generally, this is simply an oversight. But it is extremely important to communicate early and often to keep employees in the loop and feeling comfortable with the process. 

The more comfortable your employees feel with the new technology and the implementation process, the more likely they will be to adopt it. You may even want to consider engaging an internal communications expert and let them take the reins on best practices during the rollout.


4. Engage an Expert IT Services Partner

In many cases, organizations simply do not have the internal expertise to train employees and drive adoption. By engaging an expert partner, you can ensure that your employees are trained thoroughly based on proven best practices.

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