Why You Need a High-Performing Phone System

Is Your Phone System a Blast from the Past?

It can be nice to relish the memories of simpler times. But as great as it can be to fondly remember the way things were, you can’t let it hold your technology – and your business – back. The price could be lost productivity, lost revenue, lost operating budget and even lost customers. Fortunately, today’s business phone systems are designed to eliminate the financial and operational challenges of older systems. And when it comes to your customer and employee experiences, nostalgia alone won’t cut it.


Technology is in a state of constant change, making it very easy to get left in the dust of today’s business environment. Hosted technologies – cloud-based servicesare the new standard for managing technology. Phone systems are no exception. While VoIP technology still offers many solid options, some organizations are looking to the future by focusing on the cloud.

The average worker spends five hours a month on the telephone. The average call center worker could spend five to seven times that per month on the phone. The top two priorities for companies that have customer contact centers? Improving the customer experience and agent productivity. Decreasing cost is third on the list. The cloud can help with all three. 


If you’re going for growth, make sure you’ve got a phone system that will grow with your vision. For a start, it should let you punch above your weight and communicate as efficiently as your bigger rivals. And, it should have the flexibility to adapt to change and opportunity immediately. So, how does a phone system do all that? It can if you deploy a hosted PBX. With a hosted PBX option, instead of spending your valuable funds on telephone infrastructure or hiring a technician to run it, you pay an affordable monthly fee that covers the service and its maintenance. Now, you’ve got capital to invest in other essential areas and access to a great phone service.


Given the importance of online channels in today’s economy, many businesses may treat phone system programming as an afterthought rather than a matter of strategy. But to gain a competitive edge, you must ensure the best experience possible across all the channels your business uses to reach customers. Your phone system isn’t only a crucial link to your customers – it’s also an opportunity to build positive impressions of your brand. However, this works both ways. Poor use of your phone system can weaken your customers’ trust in your company’s ability to deliver quality products and services.

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