What a Bad IP Communications Setup Can Do to Your Business

A VoIP phone system can radically lower your business' call cost and increase your productivity. VoIP enables you to do things that are impossible to do with traditional phone technology like finding your co-workers when they are away from their desks, improving worker productivity, and boosting collaboration capabilities with remote workers and far-flung clients. 

However, the wrong setup can lead to issues for your business, which is why choosing the right implementation plan -- and the right implementation partner -- are critical. 

Results of a Bad IP Communications Setup

Decreased Call Quality

VoIP technology has come a long way since it was first introduced. A good VoIP setup should not experience the jittler and echo that were so common in the past. Proper implementation will prioritize your voice data so that other users on your network do not impact your call quality. Implementation may require setting up a network connection that is dedicated to  your voice data, depending on your organization's needs. 

Security Concerns

Data security is a top concern for many companies. Implementing VoIP technology does add a risk factor to your network, since your phone system becomes tied to the internet. A bad VoIP setup can mean putting your company at risk for toll fraud or other hacking behavior. Be sure to choose a VoIP provider that has security top of mind and can explain and implement encryption and other security measures when necessary. 

Increased IT Responsiblities 

You want your VoIP phones to work effectively without a lot of intervention from your staff. After all, your IT department (if you have one) should be focused on strategic initiatives rather than the day-to-day operation of your phone system. While on-premise VoIP deployment can be the right solution for some organizations, a cloud deployment allows your technical experts to focus on running your business while your VoIP provider focuses on your phones, connectivity, and software. 

Slowed Connection Speeds

Conveying voice packets requires additional network bandwidth. An ineffective VoIP setup could mean that your provider does not account for this setup, so as soon as you start using your VoIP phones, the rest of your network traffic slows to a crawl. A good VoIP setup will ensure that any additional bandwidth is added before deploying your new phones to avoid any slowing or stoppage, which could result in lost productivity. 

With the right implementation, IP communications can be one of the most cost effective ways to boost productivity and improve the efficiency of your business. However, it is critical that companies considering this change be wary of a bad VoIP setup.