Why Quality Wi-Fi Is Crucial For Schools

Today, wireless connectivity is seemingly everywhere. High-quality Wi-Fi is available in coffee shops and even on planes, so having it in schools seems like a no-brainer. Here are some of the advantages of deploying a modern Wi-Fi solution in your school:

Better Student Engagement and Collaboration

Let's face it - students today are accustomed to using modern technology everywhere. They likely have reliable, fast Wi-Fi at home, so not having it at school can be frustrating and lead to disengagement. Conversely, reliable, fast wireless connectivity helps students stay focused and work together seamlessly. Students can easily share their work in real-time and potentially even collaborate with students at other schools.  

Cost Savings 

If you work in IT for a school - particularly K-12 - you understand that financial resources are often limited. As such, it is vital that schools get the most out of their technology solutions without wasting precious budget dollars. Fortunately, many schools qualify for E-Rate funding, which can be used, in most cases, to cover the cost of a wireless implementation or upgrade. E-Rate provides a great way for schools to leverage the newest technology solutions without breaking the bank, which is typically a huge win for schools that take advantage. (Harbor Networks has years of expertise helping schools use their E-Rate funding to upgrade technology. Feel free to reach out to discuss E-Rate with one of our experts.)

More Individualized Learning

With modern Wi-Fi solutions, students can take advantage of lessons created specifically for them and their respective learning styles. Teachers can use virtual chat and online tools to help students get information beyond what is said in the classroom. Individualized instruction is an important part of education today and Wi-Fi can better help facilitate this approach.  

Are you interested in learning more about Wi-Fi for your school, but aren't sure where to start? Our wireless site survey is a great place to start!


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