What to Look for in a Cloud Communications Platform

Unified communications (UC) technologies go beyond basic telephony by seamlessly integrating popular communications applications, helping to streamline every day workflows and improve productivity. As you’re evaluating communications solutions, take full advantage of what the cloud offers by looking for a solution that includes features such as:

1. Chat/IM

An especially critical feature for organizations with multiple locations, chat is an increasingly critical tool. The feature allows you to collaborate and communicate with other employees across the office, across town or across the globe. 

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2.Web Conference & Desktop Sharing

Web conference and desktop sharing helps streamline collaboration and communication. With the right cloud communications platform—like Mitel Connect—you can increase the effectiveness of your online meetings by sharing important documents and visuals with a single click.

3. Contact Center Integration

A cloud communications platform that integrates contact center services helps organizations meet and exceed customer expectations by offering them the ability to reach out via their preferred channel. For instance, multichannel routing makes it easy to support online, email, live chat and phone requests.

4. Video Conferencing

Integrated, cloud-based video conferencing provides a seamless environment for a more personal communications experience.

5. Mobile Applications

Apps let you take your business line wherever you go and seamlessly move from your desk to a computer soft phone to a mobile device without skipping a beat.

6. Back-Office Integrations

Solutions with a broad suite of integrations to your key back-office systems, such as your CRM or help desk systems, help simplify routine tasks and improve reporting capabilities.

7. Collaboration Tools

Organizations lose countless hours every week to inefficient, back-and-forth conversations over email. Collaboration tools help eliminate email clutter with virtual workspaces, team or project based chat rooms and task management tools.

The Bottom Line

Cloud solutions are often more flexible, scalable, reliable, and offer greater access to innovative features designed to make your employees more productive. Interested in learning more? Feel free to reach out to our cloud experts!

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