HN Blog: The grass IS greener on the other side

Think your phone system suits your organization just fine?  Not sure if your employees would agree with you?  Then take this simple quiz to find out if you’re working harder than your phone system …

  1. Do your employees contact the vendor to troubleshoot phone issues?
  2. Can you add new licenses and services quickly and without scale limitations?
  3. Do software upgrades happen automatically?
  4. Are you getting one invoice from one vendor?

If you answered “no” to more than 1 of these questions, then you might be spending too much time dealing with an outdated phone system, and probably need to read the rest of this article J

Today’s phone systems can do so much more than manage calls.  They’ve become tools that are part of operational efficiency, with the ability to provide critical data to improve the way we work – from cost control to worker productivity to customer satisfaction.  How much can your existing phone system tell you about how well your business is doing?  Given the advances in technology today, there’s no reason why your phone system shouldn’t be a strategic part of your business.  As with any other piece of technology you have, you should be able to gauge its overall effectiveness without too much of a struggle.

Did you know?
A phone system that provides valuable data raises the bottom line. A business that wields customer data correctly can attribute 10-15% of revenues to the actions resulting from that information. (Source: Harvard Business Review

  • Does your phone system increase the productivity of your workforce?
  • Does it simplify communications for employees who work remotely or are largely field-based?
  • Does it help you better understand your customers’ needs?

A Phone System on the Go
For over 3 million American employees who work remotely, a phone system that works seamlessly is not only necessary, but vital to their success.  If your remote employees can’t operate their personal smartphone like their desk phone, then it’s probably time to upgrade your existing phone system.  The ability to receive business calls, easily access voice mail or transfer a call on a smartphone are three features of a modern phone system that should not be ignored.  Mobile offices are becoming more the norm than the exception these days, and your employees should have access to most all functions of their phone system that they would have in the office.

Why spend another dime on services you don’t need with a system that limits productivity?  Start developing a plan now that includes an upgrade of your phone system.  Work with a provider who can help you streamline costs, empower your employees, reduce overhead and improve profitability with a solution designed to accommodate your business plan.

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