HN Blog: Say “Goodbye” to phone system frustration, and “Hello” to ShoreTel Connect!

With all the technology advantages we have today, there’s no reason why we should be accepting of a phone system that fails on a regular basis.  Soaking up valuable IT resource and disrupting employee productivity is not only frustrating, but may impact your organization’s profitability.  Change can be a little scary if you’re not quite sure how the technology actually works – particularly when you can’t really “see” how it works.

There’s a silver lining to cloud technology. 

Fear not! Cloud technology is no longer some pie-in-the-sky idea.  In fact, you’ve been using cloud for years – particularly if you have a personal email account with Yahoo! or Google, iIf you use Dropbox to share files, or use social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

When you operate your phone system in the cloud, it’s quite similar – and we like ShoreTel because we happen to think they do it best, and they make it super easy to manage.  No more service calls to perform simple functions like adding/ changing extensions or handsets; and downtime due to system failures become a thing of the past.

A recent study by Nemertes’ on IP Telephony/Unified Communications identifies ShoreTel as one who delivers the lowest first-year and five- year costs against eight competitors, and has the lowest operational costs for both IP Telephony and UC, along with the lowest implementation costs for UC.

It’s time to Connect.

ShoreTel Connect is a complete Unified Communications solution with productivity-boosting features like:

  • Instant messaging
  • Web conferencing
  • Video calling
  • Mobile apps

These features not only enhance communications, but they keep productivity high and keep costs low.  Regardless of whether your employees are on the road or in their home office, they will have access to the same features and functionality of a desk phone through their smartphone, tablet or computer.

At Harbor Networks, we can help you choose the system that’s right for you – even as your business grows and changes.  Read more about the advantages you can realize with ShoreTel technology in our previous blog.

Want to learn even more about Connect and all the ways you can improve collaboration in your organization?  Contact us today for more information or to schedule a technology assessment.