Is VoIP Future-Proof?

No matter what industry you’re in, you know how fast technology changes. Whether it’s new machinery, smaller microchips, or higher definition televisions, the signs of advancement constantly surround us.

When you’re a business owner, the rush of new technology is typically accompanied by the dread of wondering whether you’ll be able to keep up. How do you know which new technologies to invest in and which are just a flash in the pan?

While you should be skeptical when any vendor touts their system as future-proof, there are some ways in which VoIP is very much the phone technology of the future.

The Future of VoIP

Compared to other options like a PBX system, VoIP is more prepared to meet the future and not only because it uses newer technology. VoIP is an affordable and scalable option for many businesses. Indeed, scalability can be much more important when it comes to future-proofing than anything else. As your company grows over time, without a scalable communications solution you may find yourself replacing systems before they are even obsolete.

How to Future-Proof Your System

Of course, the reality is that nothing is future-proof because we do not know precisely how communication technology will develop. One of the most effective ways to ensure that your VoIP system is prepared to meet the future is by taking it into the cloud. VoIP calling that is managed by a cloud system means that your cloud provider is doing constant maintenance and updates, making your VoIP calls more reliable and more secure.

If you want to future-proof your phones as best you can, invest the time it takes to develop a technology strategy. When you wait until the end of a system’s life to start looking for replacements you can end up making hasty decisions that don’t pay off in the long-term. The better you are at looking at the big picture, the more sound your decisions will be.

The Future is Here

For every moment you spend fretting over what new technology the future will bring, you’re missing a chance to make sure your current technology is doing all it can for you. If you have not yet made the switch to VoIP calling and/or unified communications, now is the time to consider it. While technology will always change faster than you can keep up, the VoIP systems that are available today are fast, secure, and reliable. By leveraging technology that is currently available and using it to its maximum potential, you are setting your business up for efficiency, which will help you keep up and even get ahead.

So to answer the question “Is VoIP future-proof?” -- of course not, because the future could bring anything. But is VoIP a reliable option that can be a competitive advantage and a cost saving measure for your company starting today? Yes.

To learn more about how the switch to VoIP calling has made a difference for real companies that want to keep up with the times, download our case study.


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