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November 11, 2021

CAPTCHA Used as Bait For Growing Number Of Email Scams

Most of us are familiar with the funky CAPTCHA verification window that occasionally pops-up when signing onto a website. CAPTCHA systems lend a level of credibility to those of us asked to verify ...
November 3, 2021

Fake Security Update Message Installs Flubot Banking Malware

In our online world there’s an endless supply of information we depend on to shop, work, and explore ‘til our heart’s content. But within that, another world exists; one where cybercriminals try ...
November 1, 2021

5 Ways UC Supports Remote Work

As companies seek alternatives to business travel, one thing stands true – the business environment waits for no-one. If anything, it’s accelerating. But business leaders don’t have to choose between ...