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October 10, 2022

Harbor Networks/HarborShield Cybersecurity has expanded territory and opens new Albany office!

Harbor Networks/HarborShield Cybersecurity is excited to announce that it has opened an office in the Albany Region to support its expanding client base. Harbor Networks a Managed Communications and ...
October 4, 2022

Know When It’s Time To Hang-Up. Don’t Fall Victim To These New Phone Scams

Just recently, it was discovered three new phone scams are making the rounds. These scams play on our fears (a scammer favorite), they’re tough to spot, and they’re after your money. It’s always ...
September 16, 2022

WastedLocker Ransomware Sneaks In And Out, Bypasses Detection

In May of this year, the world discovered an effective and stealthy ransomware known as WastedLocker. A very public attack on Garmin navigation systems alerted the cybersecurity community to the new ...